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Our Students

In Brown v. Board of Education, the Supreme Court of the United States said public education is the very foundation of good citizenship and such an opportunity must be made available to everyone on equal terms. But 65 years later, we know this has yet to be the case.

Our Families

The American Dream has become the American Burden for too many.

Our Workforce

Purchasing power has remained stagnant over the last 40 years for many of our neighbors, while the highest earners continue to see their wages increase almost five times more than our lowest paid workers. Moreover, too many workers are forced to deal with unfair practices or hostile work environments just so they can put food on their table or have access to healthcare.

Our Communities

Each of us deserves to feel safe and supported in the communities we choose to live in. When our institutions and infrastructure start to crumble, so too do our communities.

Our Government

Our government was founded on the premise that it is for the people, by the people. Yet more and more of our elected officials are too comfortable in their seats, representing the interests of large corporations that fund their campaigns instead of their constituents.

Our Future

We are facing a watershed moment that can no longer be ignored. Climate change is now a climate crisis, and if our global community is going to survive, we need to begin a just transition to a green economy; the Green New Deal will do just that.


Our Students

As a congressional representative, I will fight to:

  • end mandatory standardized testing of our students

  • fully fund the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) and guarantee every child is placed in the least restrictive environment

  • reevaluate federal education funding streams such as Title I to address funding inequities

  • invest in smaller class sizes by providing school infrastructure funding and developing multiple pathways for school districts to recruit, retain and adequately pay teachers

  • discontinue school policies that criminalize our students, including ending the use of our police force as school safety agents, and continuing oversight of suspension practices

  • make every public trade school, two-year college and four-year college free

Our Families


When in Congress, I will work with colleagues to ensure access to:

  • a debt-free start by forgiving the over $1 trillion in student loan debt that holds hundreds of thousands of people back from starting their families

  • a federal paid family leave program that guarantees at least 12 weeks of paid leave to care for a new child or a parent/guardian who needs support

  • fair housing opportunities by significantly investing in the creation of more public and private housing that centers the needs of renters before corporate landlords and developers; and expanding and strictly enforcing housing discrimination laws and regulations

  • free, high quality, child care programs that are staffed with well-trained and equitably paid providers

  • the fundamental right to decide how and when to start a family by codifying Roe v. Wade and repealing the Hyde Amendment


Our Workforce

When elected, I will strive to:

  • strengthen workplace protections against harassment and discrimination, including improving Rep. Katherine Clark's BE HEARD Act legislation

  • enact a federal $15 minimum wage in less than the currently proposed 6 years, and permanently tie it to inflation while working with my colleagues to implement a universal living wage
  • enact Medicare for All so that adequate healthcare is no longer tied to employment


Our Government

Critical changes must be made to how we govern, including:

  • implementing a federal public campaign finance program

  • extending congressional terms to four years, and imposing term limits to three terms

  • providing fair and equal access to voting for all American citizens


Our Communities

It is essential that Congress:

  • enact comprehensive gun safety legislation that includes universal background checks, buy-back programs, red-flag policies, disarming domestic abusers, and investment in gun violence research

  • critically invest in our public transportation systems so that every rider can get to their destination safely. This includes making every subway station and bus ADA compliant, and investing in comprehensive solutions in our transportation deserts.  

  • decriminalize poverty which includes:

  • legalizing marijuana, expunging the records of those with marijuana convictions, and reinvesting in the communities that were impacted the most by racial policing practices;

  • decriminalizing sex work

  • demilitarizing our police force;

  • ending cash bail and mandatory minimums;

  • investing in decarceration services such as reentry programs, drug courts, and restorative justice

Our Future

Any legislation I introduce or support will include a Green New Deal framework. For example:
  • investing in public housing means retrofitting housing with energy efficient appliances and green insulation

  • fixing our public transportation systems means investing in clean energy to power our subways, and providing energy efficient transportation services in transportation deserts such as electric cars

  • investing in our workforce means providing opportunities to build skills in green-energy manufacturing

  • legalizing marijuana means relying on renewable energy such as solar power.